Line-up will start at 10:00 a.m.
Parade will start at 12:00 p.m.


  1. Units MUST display a banner and/or sign identifying them.
  2. Units must stay in their assigned order, unless directed otherwise by a parade official.
  3. All units must maintain an appropriate space, 2 car lengths, between themselves and the next unit, spacing not to exceed 3 car lengths.
  4. Parades are forward moving. DO NOT stop your unit for any performance.
  5. Any unit whose participants argue with, use foul language, or refuse to follow the request of a Parade Official will be removed from the lineup IMMEDIATELY. 
  6. All general units will be limited to no more than 3 vehicles.
  7. Elected Officials or Political Candidates are restricted to one vehicle.
  8. Political Affiliates and or Political Groups are restricted to one vehicle combined.
  9. Car clubs & motorcycle clubs are limited to no more than 8 vehicles. (If more than the appropriate numbers of vehicles attend, only the first appropriate number will be allowed to participate.)
  10. Vehicles must follow a straight course, in a cautious and safe manner with no quick starts, stops, peeling of rubber, swerving back and forth and no reckless driving of any kind.
  11. No person(s) shall ride on hood, roof, trunk, door frames, or any portion of any vehicles in an inappropriate manner at any time as well as no jumping on or off of any vehicles.
  12. Traffic citations will be issued by the Aurora Police Department for violation of any municipal ordinance or State vehicle code.
  13. There shall be no throwing of any type of item from vehicles to spectators. Items which have been pre-approved for distribution along the parade route must be handed directly to spectators. Persons distributing such materials must walk alongside their own unit and not intrude upon another unit’s activities or presentation space. Units distributing such materials (i.e. candy, fliers, flags, etc.) must walk all the way to the curb to hand out the items.
  14.  It is the responsibility of the parade applicant to ensure that all members of their unit dress in a manner compliant not only with city, state and federal law, but also ensuring that all nipples, breasts and buttocks are covered at all times. Short shorts are acceptable; g-strings and thongs are not.
  15. It is the responsibility of the parade applicant to ensure that all members of their unit refrain from lewd or sexually explicit behavior.
  16. Any unit which has music, live or recorded, must set the volume at a reasonable level so as not to intrude on another unit’s presentation. Any Parade Official may request the volume to be lowered as deemed necessary. Parade units must return to their designated disbursement area before stopping and unloading.
  17. Anyone with alcohol at the parade staging area or parade route will have their entire unit removed from the event.
  18. Indivisible Aurora reserves the right to remove any unit at any time in violation of the rules and regulations.
  19. As parade participants we give Indivisible Aurora, as parade producer, permission to photograph members of our parade unit, record voices, reproduce voices and pictures during the event, and use names, voices and pictures in advertising, publicity and promotional activities in all media now existing or hereafter created without compensation.
  20. It is the responsibility of the parade applicant to inform their unit’s participants and parents or guardians of the Parade Rules and Regulations prior to the event as well as ensuring their unit upholds Parade Rules and Regulations within the event site. It is also the parade applicant’s responsibility to manage and communicate with their unit participants and parents or guardians, specific Staging, Drop & Go, Event Procedures, Parade Updates and Weather Contingency or Emergency Plan Details both prior to the event as well as during the event.
  21. Indivisible Aurora reserves the right to make modifications to any rules and regulations, as they deem necessary for the safety and viewing enjoyment of the spectators.

application requests have now been closed.

Please join us next year!